For I consider this blog…

With due apologies to Christopher Smart and his cat Jeoffrey

For I consider this blog.
For my activity has been limited this term.
For I apologise to any readers still left.
For this I perform in ten degrees
For first semester 1 is always busy.
For secondly the university has been re(dis)organised in a truly horrendous way.
For thirdly no one knows who’s who or what’s what.
For fourthly we may be getting there, slowly.
For fifthly my grandfather would have said ‘and so’s Christmas’.
For sixthly, I sigh deeply.
For seventhly I have had significant new teaching with lovely colleagues
For this module has been on the Vikings no less!
For we’ve had a lot of fun (mostly).
For I hope to blog about fancy new interdisciplinary teaching in the future.
For eighthly Orderic Vitalis has been sadly neglected.
For the final conference on the Norman Edge is coming up soon.
For I shall definitely blog that.
For ninthly sometimes there just isn’t time
For sleep and friends and fun.
For tenthly one’s best is never quite good enough
For there is always something else on the list.
For having considered what I have done,
For what myself and others have accomplished,
For we should carry our heads high.
For having neglected the blog I am sorry, but
For now can I sleep?

5 Responses to For I consider this blog…

  1. For ninthly sometimes there just isn’t time
    For sleep and friends and fun.

    That could have been one, two and through to ten from where I’m sitting. My sympathies and empathy both, and best wishes for a quick passage to the calmer waters!

  2. gesta says:

    Two more weeks to go… Sorry to hear that you are in similar straights. Are you involved in admissions too?

  3. Ho yus. But y’know, it’d be okay except for also having promised to coordinate and write a paper for a volume of essays wuth a tight schedule (the Leeds sessions one). That, that is what is killing the sleep. I may still be living the good life somehow therefore!

  4. […] is probably gesta’s fault. Or archy’s. My apologies to those who versify better or have it […]

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